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Danielle has a job in NY

Yes, it’s been ages since I posted but wanted to update you on Danielle’s job situation.  For those that don’t know, Danielle (my daughter) and Rafaella (my granddaughter) has been living with us since we moved here.  Danielle wasn’t really looking for a job but this opportunity came to her from a company she used to go to Brazil with.  It’s a non-profit organization that she used to go through to volunteer in the orphanages in Brazil.  She has gone through them 3 times and just loved living in Brazil.

She went to NY to do the final interview and they loved her and offered her the job.  She has taken it. So that mean my daughter and granddaugher will be moving away 😦  We are very happy for her to do something she loves but very sad not to have them on a day to day basis anymore.

They want her to start on January 7th so our schedule for the next month is very busy.  We will fly out of Abu Dhabi on Dec 6th to first go to Boone, NC to see my youngest daughter’s art exhibit from her travels to Cuba.  We then go to NY on the 10th for a week to try to find an apartment for them.  Please send your prayers that we will find something that week or everything will be off 😦

Then we head to Wisconsin to spend Christmas and New Year’s with my family. Kristina and my son, Brian will meet us there.  That should be fun.  Most of them have not seen Rafaella and they will just fall in love with her as we have 🙂

On the 2nd we then go back to NY to hopefully settle in Danielle and the baby before she starts her job.  See why I asked for prayers above that we could find a place that one week we were looking?  I will stay there until the nanny arrives from Brazil.  She is a friend of a friend who works as a  nanny and wants to practice her English and Danielle wants Rafaelle to learn Portuguese.  Win Win.  Just have to wait for her VISA then get her over.  I am thinking at least late January.

Wow, not really sure what I will do once I get back and don”t have them here but I will be plenty busy until then so I try not to think about it.

We had a surprise celebration party for her tonight.  A little champagne, a great dinner and of course some presents.  I will add some photos.


Shooting practice

Hi Everyone,

This week I got together with some other ladies and went to the shooting club.  I figured that would be a fun activity 🙂  Well, it turns out I wasn’t too bad at it either. One lady who attended didn’t want to shoot so she took photos and I will include one.  It was pretty amazing that the first 3 shots were bulleyes!

I found these ladies on the Abu Dhabi Womens website.  We share ideas, recommendations and just try to get together for things that interest us.  One of the ladies had gone shooting and decided that this could be a fun activity for a womens group.  We met there, had a sporting competition and lunch.  I must say it was a lot of fun and met some very nice ladies.

Another group is meeting for morning coffee and we are also trying to get a bowling group together.  I think we are also trying to include the guys on this one 🙂  This group has been a great way to meet people over here.  I think the last count put it at 40 different countries that we represented, how amazing is that?!

So, fun day with new friends! 🙂

Abu Dhabi Update

Hi Everyone,

It’s been ages and I didn’t do what I said last time about keeping up with this blog.  Sorry, just so easy to forget  😦

The summer was fun but the weather here is pretty hot and humid, you definately have to find things to do indoors.  Of course we found ourselves in other places as well.

My daughter, Kristina, came over for her summer break from college (after she went to Cuba)!  She did enjoy shopping here and she got to experience crossing the border to Oman.  Since she was on a tourist visa she could only stay in the country for 30 days at a time.  I think I mentioned this in another blog.

We also took her, Danielle and the baby to Athens, Greece.  We loved it there but needed more time (isn’t that always the way it is).  We enjoyed the food and even took a boat tour that took us to 3 separate islands.  A lot of fun and I do believe we got some photos on facebook in case you missed them.

Kristina did have to go back to college so Terry and I took a trip back the the states.  Our son, Brian, joined us from Arizona so it was really a nice visit.    The baby got sick right before we left so my husband decided to stay back a couple extra days to make sure she was okay before they took off for Australia.

I had prearranged everything – you know, the plane trip, the hotels, the timing, everything.  Well, not the one thing that did delay us a bit.  I didn’t prearrange the U-haul.  Didn’t think that would be such a big deal since they are everywhere.  Guess all the college kids were doing the same thing so to get a Uhaul to go one way was interesting.  At first they said they  only had a 20 foot truck (I was hoping to get a 14 foot).  Well I needed something so I said okay.  Once I got there they said they actually only had a 24 foot truck!  No way was I going to drive a huge truck like that up to the mountains of NC.  So I had to wait an additional day to get the 20 foot one.

That next morning I had plans to meet up with my group of ladies for our birthday breakfast.  It was actually Danielle’s birthday but, of course, she wasn’t there.  It was so nice to see them again.  A few were also my walking buddies (something I really miss).  We had a lovely meal and even better time catching up.  Thanks again ladies!!!

After breakfast we had to pick up the truck and get it loaded.    Thank goodness for Kristina’s boyfriend because he help me load the whole thing.  We did get it loaded pretty quickly then we left for our 7 hour drive.  Kristina also had her car so it was boring, we each had to drive separately.

Terry and my son joined us in Boone, NC and they unloaded the truck 🙂  We got Kristina all moved in and pretty organized so then it was time for fun.  We flew down to Florida and spent a few days down there before we came back.  So nice to be on the beach again.  Love going for early morning and evening walks on the beach.

We also got to catch up with friends, the Baker Family.  It was great seeing them again.

Now we are back in Abu Dhabi.  Have met up with some friends and got to hear their interesting stories of their summer vacations as well.  Some great ideas for future trips 🙂

That pretty much catches you up on things here.  Tomorrow I will be doing something that sounds like fun.  A group of ladies are meeting to do some shooting practice and lunch.  How fun does that sound?!!!  I haven’t shot a gun in ages.  Anyway, I will let you know how it all goes with that new activity.

Hope your summers were also fun.  Let me know what you did and what was your favorite thing.

Until next time…….

Hi everyone,

I figured I better get updating this thing.  Sorry it’s been ages and I really will try to do it more often even if it’s only a sentence or two.

The title refers to  my daughters trip to come over here for the summer.  She was suppose to arrive in Dubai Thursday night but instead she will get here tonight (Sat).  Yes, two days delayed!  Who ever heard of that?!

This is what happened.  She was delayed in Norfolk for a while but then they took off and while in route to Atlanta they found out that Atlanta had bad storms and the airport shut down.  They landed somewhere in South Carolina then took off again when they thought they could get in.  They did get in but she was extremely worried about making her connnecting flight to Dubai since it showed it was still leaving on time.  She had internet onboard so I told her to talk to the hostess to see if the other plane would delay.  The pilot called and they said that they were waiting.  She got off and RAN to catch that flight.  She arrived in terminal B and had to go to termanal F, so it was quite a ways.  She said she made it only to have to sit in the plane for 1 1/2 hours because the refueling thing didn’t work at that terminal and they were going to tow them to another one.  I said at least you are on the plane.  Spoke too soon.  After that they said they all had to get off the plane since now the pilots were beyond crew rest and they had to get new pilots in.  They told them that it could be about 2 1/2 hours or not at all but they will let them know.  You can imagine how everyone felt by now.  She was exhaused but what could you do.

They got off the plane and after about an hour or so they told them that they would be leaving at 9am.  Mind you it was 1am at this time so they had to kill 8 hours.  They couldn’t give them any hotel vouchers since they said the hotels were full – right.  So I told her I would book a hotel online for her so to head out towards transportation so she could get a taxi.

In Atlanta, many of you probably know, that it’s a huge airport and they use underground trains.  She got to that and found that they were no longer running!  That poor girl, if it could go wrong it did.  By this time it was getting late and she would have had to walk about 3 miles to get to the taxi, get to the hotel and try to sleep and she felt she just wouldn’t have enough time.  She was right but I didn’t want to be the one to tell her to sleep in the airport.

She luckily found 3 seats without arms rests together to lay down and an outlet to plug in her phone.  So something did go a little right.

I was still keeping an eye on that flight from here and sure enough, they cancelled the flight altogether.  Really?  Yes!  She was still asleep so I got on the phone with Delta and let me tell you, the first representative I talked to sure wasn’t very nice.  I really wish I would have written her name down.  Lesson to everyone, anytime you talk to any representative about anything, first get their name and write it down.  I was on the phone with her for ages trying to get my daughter on another flight.  In the end she basically said there is nothing else she can do for me and the phone was disconnected.  Sure.  Boy was I pissed!!!!

Called back and the next representative was soooooooooooooo much better.  She walked me through everything and tried everything, even business and first class but all seats were books for the next day.  That meant she had to go into the second day.  She said that they will give her vouchers but I let her know what they said at the airport about not having enough and no rooms.  She said, oh they are supposed to give vouchers.

Anyway, as I was getting this done Kristina woke up and found out the cancellation and called.  She said there were so many upset people and I suggested she get the in voucher line.  She showed me how many people were in line, wow.  Her plane did have 200 people and no one was going anywhere. She was waiting in line as I got her ticket arranged then she said they were telling everyone that they could book their own hotel and they would get reimbused.  Hahahaha, sorry I just found that so funny.  Oh I really believe them alright.  We will try but who knows how long that will be and exactly how much they will reimbuse.

So she was suppose to leave Atlanta at 10:10pm on Wed and instead she left at 10:10pm on Friday.  Two days stuck in Atlanta.

She was happy that I got her a good room, king bed, had a restr in hotel and she said the front desk lady was extremely nice.  And I fully expected to pay for 2 days since her flight wasn’t until 10pm that night so I didn’t want her to sit at the airport.  They actually only charged her for one day!!!  How nice was that?!

I didn’t get to finish this before we went to go pick her up so it is now Sunday – Father’s Day.

I thought I was going to make myself sick waiting for her to come out.  It took a little over an hour once her plane landed, got her luggage and went throught customs.  I guess the bag thing was the delay since she didn’t realize that her bag went to a special place because it didn’t travel with her.  Came ahead on a different flight.

So happy to have her here!  She looks great.  I meant to take a photo but forgot so I will later.

Now I can let it all go since she is here and I wrote it down.

Have a great Father’s Day.

Time Flies

Wow, I  can’t believe that it’s been, what 2 weeks since I last posted?  Time really flies.  I think I would find myself posting more often if I could do it easier through my ipad but it won’t let me do some of the things, like post photos and such, so I wait until I use my laptop.

The weather has definately changed 😦   I was sooooo enjoying that weather we were having but now it’s always in the 100s!!!  Today it’s supposed to be 108, it’s pretty hot so it’s close.  You know how I love to be outdoors and that has to come in short sittings.  I take gypsy for early morning walks, if it’s after 8am it’s getting too hot.  And her evening walks have to be after 6pm.  Usually after 7pm is better but it depends on what we do for the night.

Well, the kids got back from Australia.  They had a wonderful time and the grandparents really enjoyed seeing Rafaella again.  We missed them but I knew they were coming back so it was a little easier for me.  We are still hoping Mitch can find a job here so he doesn’t have to go to Australia to work, I know that isn’t the best family situation.  The military life got me used to it but I didn’t like it.

We have started to celebrate Rafaella’s 5 month birthday yesterday 🙂  Can you believe she is 5 months old?!!  We took them to one of the malls that has a train ride that the kids can go on.  It’s not on tracks, it really drives though the mall hallways.  So cute.  Then we took her to the play area and she road on the merry-go-round.  At the end we got her a balloon and she loves the smirfy.  You should see how she gets ahold of it and tries to eat it 🙂

Today, after her nap, we plan to take her to the Emarites Place to have the gold cappachino and dessert.  I don’t think she will enjoy it as much as we will 🙂

It does look like we will move again 😦  Most of the villa are owned by individuals.  The one who owns ours, owns a few, and his main maintainence guy just doesn’t know how to multitask.  They did finally get the downstairs air conditioner fixed in 3 weeks but it took them another week to fix the one upstairs.  Then he complained how expensive it was going to be.  Not sure why he thought we would care since we are the renters.  And they did get the outlet fixed outside, so we can use the wonderful misting fan my husband got for us.  We like this area and would have stayed but know it would be a fight every time we needed something fixed, not worth it.  Unfortunately, it looks like the move will happen when my daughter, Kristina, is over here visiting, our lease expires the end of June.  Oh well, the movers do a great job and they can go hang out at the mall or something that day.

That pretty much catches you up.  So take care and keep in touch and enjoy the photos.

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Air Conditioning/New Car

Yesterday they finally got the air conditioning fixed.  It only took about 3 weeks, sure glad it wasn’t in the middle of summer when this had to be done.  Not sure we will stay in this place since it seems like everything you want looked at takes forever to get done.  Of course, it has to do with ownership so it might be best just to move again. 😦  Not looking forward to that but I don’t want to go through this everytime we need something done.  Otherwise, the place is coming together nicely.  I will wait on putting up pictures or anything on the walls until we decide if we will stay or not.

It sounds like the kids are having a great time visting in Australia.  Danielle just put some photos up on facebook and they are beautiful.  Sure do miss them and looking forward to picking them up Thursday morning.

Today Terry is going to look at a used car.  They have a 2008 Jaguar for a really good price and low miles.  He is trying to decide if he would like the sadan or a jeep so that is another possibility.  In the paper today they had a partial listing of some of the vehicles the police will be auctioning off and one is a rare exclusive Ferrari – I guess there are only 399 on the planet and the owners of the other ones love when one crashes, making the value of their car go up – it was abandoned in a Dubai car park.  The owner was a British guy who is wanted by Interpol.  So, need a really cool car?  They have 3 other Ferraris and 7 Porsches as well. 🙂

Have a great!

Birthday :)

Wow, what a wonderful birthday I had here in Abu Dhabi!!!  I made sure to get photos of all the fun and you will find them at the bottom of this blog.  There are a lot so be sure check them all out.

It rained the night before and it was a good rain, very rare here.  You might get a couple of sprinkles but not a rain.  Finally the dust in the air was cleared out.

It all started in the morning with my husband making me breakfast: ham and cheese omelet, strawberries, toast and coffee.  Delicious.  My daughter, Kristina, Skyped with me from college and she had Terry bring her present home to me from his last trip to the states.  What a great keepsake.  She took a photo and through whatever technique she is using she printed out these photos.  I love things like that!!!

My husband then gave me a pair of diamond earnings – beautiful!  And just what I needed, a little sparkle in my ears.

My neighbor came over and gave me some flowers and wine.  How nice was that!

Then I used the gift certificate from my daughter, Danielle.  She got me a certificate to get my nails, toes and eyebrows done.  This was my first pedicure and it was nice, especially the massage.  Have you ever gotten your eyebrows, or worse yet your upper lip, threaded?  Don’t let anyone tell you doesn’t hurt.  I have thick hair so that makes it worse.  I got by okay when she did the eyebrows but when she did the upper lip the tears were coming down my face 😦  Not boo hoo crying but it make my eyes water non-stop.

Then we got changed and went to the Emarites Palace Hotel.  It’s a 5 star hotel and so beautiful.  the photo of it doesn’t do it justice.  It’s huge and you can’t even see it all in the photo I took.  The inside is something else.  We walked through and guess what we found?!!!  A Gold ATM machine, that’s right, it dispenses gold.  Terry really wanted to get me one but that was just too much, so I took a photo of the machine instead 🙂  Much cheaper.

The entrance has a big clock on the front, and as you will see, it’s a Rolex!

The lobby is huge.  Several seating areas that serve coffee, snacks or a meal.  We sat down to enjoy an Emarites Gold cappuccino.  You will love that photo, they have an outline of the palace and on the bottom are real 22k gold flakes.  Yes, you drink them.  We also got some snacks.  I got the scones, and they came with about 5 different jellies and a couple of fruits.  Terry got the 7 deadly sins plate.  By the time I remembered to take the photo there were only about 4 or 5 of the sins left 🙂

By this time it was late afternoon so we went home instead of going to the beach as planned.  We had dinner reservations for 6:30pm.  We decided to try out the Germany restr.  We took a taxi so if we wanted a little german beer we didn’t have to worry about driving.  We got there a bit early so lucky for us they had a little festival going on.  Now if you have been to Germany, this wasn’t a big deal but we wanted to make the most of it and enjoy our night.  We got a beer and then went to eat.  I ordered pork chops with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.  What I got was 2 pieces of ham slices – too funny – really couldn’t have been a real German owned placed, that’s for sure.  It was still tasty.

After dinner we went back outside to the festival and enjoyed the atmosphere.  There was a bit of a band and they were best when someone suggested that they need cow bells!  One member had them in his pack and lined them up on the table and it was great!  They never played long but they were pretty good when they did play 🙂

To finish the night I decided to have a birthday shot – Jagermeister.  Yes, it was silly for someone my age and even worse when I realized I didn’t take a photo so we had to get one more.  Lucky for me we decided to call it a night and got a taxi home.

It was a fun day and thanks everyone for the birthday wished on facebook!

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